Avoid the hassle of manual typed searching at every turn through …

Reminders & Notifications

Links directly to the source record



Highlights recently worked with



Access pre-saved record sets


When you do need to search, just type a few characters in Home to quickly pinpoint any record or add filters in Lists to find a particular set.

Setting up list filters

Choose contacts, companies or another record type from the top-left menu. Tap FILTER to start adding additional criteria like category tags, assigned to, field values, recently updated, near current location …


Save important lists for quick access, and share universal lists with the team.

Save search


Tap to pull up


Working with lists

Search within list results

Narrow down results further by searching for any criteria on the fly (e.g. email domain, ID, status).


Take action on a set of records

Tap the record avatars to select (or select all) > choose action


Plot list results on a map and optimize your route

Tap MAP to switch the results from a list to a map view.

Plotting results on a map reveals a different context of your records. It also offers unique features, like Routing.

Optimize route


Tap to get directions


Search across multiple lists

Search across two different record types at the same time, joined by the “related to” field. A few examples:

  1. List specific contacts that are related to a specific list of companies
  2. List specific contacts that are related to a specific list of projects, cases, locations, etc.
  3. List specific projects, cases, locations, etc. that are related to specific companies

To set up example one …

Create the company filter

Filter for the companies
Search filter 1
Save company list filter
Search filter 2

Then create the contact filter

Add 'Related to' criteria
Search filter 3
Add additional criteria
Search filter 4

Each of the two record types can use the standard full range of search criteria, making this feature extremely useful when asking real-world questions.


Turn lists results into flexible reports or get insight on specific staff and business processes using Solve for Google Sheets.

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