Google email integration

Centralize access to email history from the team’s individual G Suite accounts. Perfectly organized inline with every other interaction your team’s had.

Gmail email crm history

Businesses often choose Solve for it’s one of a kind email sharing ability. Tap “on” with the confidence that each person will have flexible security options.

Link all emails automatically

Gmail email integration

Or fine tune with Gmail labels

Gmail email integration

Then choose who to share with

Gmail email integration

Try it

Tap: Settings > Link Google email and calendar.

Send personalized Google emails with templates

Create rich format email templates that optionally insert record data into the message, automatically tailored for the recipient.

Gmail email templates

Tap: Settings > Shared message templates. Then tap any email address in Solve, to send the template through Google Gmail or Inbox.

After selecting a template, double-tap the message body to paste (iOS and Web only).

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